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DURBAN HAZE: Distillation Done Right

By: Melissa Joy

DURBAN HAZE: Distillation Done Right 1

THC: 90.99% – 96% without terpene infusion | Nordic Analytical

Just when I thought that vape pens couldn’t get any better in Colorado, this Durban Haze Distillate fell into my lap and raised the flavor bar for good. The isolated terpenes captured from Durban Poison and Moonshine Haze make this vape cartridge a perfect, on-the-go method for daytime consumption. Due to the energizing, clear-headed effects of the fully activated distillate, there isn’t a more potent or satisfying cannabis experience out there.

The taste and aroma hit hard and complement one another so well it’s almost a sensory overload. I enjoyed this pen before spending an evening at home with my boyfriend, and we both experienced a notable surge of energy, happiness and a spark of creativity. Not only can you enjoy this terpene paradise as a vape pen, but you can even scoop the Durban Haze Terpenes by themselves and add unprecedented flavor to any dab!

  • Concentrate Supply Co. performs distillation a bit differently than most, reaching an extremely low pressure for purification known as Molecular Distillation.
  • Haven’t used isolated terps before? Simply add a drop to any dab, bowl or joint to experience a whole new world of flavor and effect.
  • Looking for a new way to consume distillate? Try one of CSC’s infused dab syringes!

Available At:

745 E 6th Ave
Denver, CO 80203

Standing Akimbo
3801 Jason St
Denver, CO 80211

Kind Pain Management Inc.
2636 Youngfield St
Lakewood, CO 80215

Available at other locations


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