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DRIFTBOAT CANNABIS: Navigating the 502 Waters

By: Eric Skaar

Driftboat has been a staple of the Spokane cannabis scene since the beginning of I-502, having received their license in the fall of 2014. They are a Tier III grow located in Spokane Valley, quickly approaching a 50 percent build out. They were one of the first top-shelf grows in Spokane Valley, and continue to improve their quality and sales. I have long been curious about their grow, and recently had the opportunity to speak with Stan Fong, Driftboat Managing Partner.

Fong and his other partners have zero experience growing, but the rest of his team has a cumulative 31 years of grow experience. They grow in coco under HPS and Metal Halide bulbs, although they are experimenting with LED. Driftboat flushes for 14 days, dries for 5-7 days and cures for 10-14 days. All trimming and watering is done by hand. For nutrients, they use synthetics with beneficial bacteria and do not use pesticides—only predatory insects, as needed.

Some of Driftboat’s best-selling strains are Blue Suede Shoes, Chemdawg, Akcademics and God’s Gift. Stan says they are proudest of their flower, but offer joints, rosin and occasionally BHO as well. He says they will listen to their customer base and “deliver the highest quality products possible, with no substitutions for quality.”


“Driftboat Cannabis delivers the highest quality products possible, with no substitutions for quality.”


Driftboat has become a leader in the industry by adhering to customer feedback and staying humble. Their staff is dedicated to quality, and they stand behind everything that they produce, constantly striving to exceed expectations and industry regulations. They lead through example. The owners entered the burgeoning cannabis industry because of the fresh opportunities and challenges.

One has to look no further than their product to see it is top shelf. The curb appeal of both the product and packaging exceeds the competition. Their flower is as smooth and delicious as anything I have tried, with the Raskal OG being a favorite. If you get the opportunity, do yourself a favor and pick up an ounce of any of their strains. You won’t be disappointed.


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