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Daddy Fat Sacks' Crater Lake
Calming Under Pressure
By: Brian Goncus Photo: Emily Nichols

Daddy Fat Sacks' Crater Lake: Calming Under Pressure 1

Daddy Fat Sacks’ Crater Lake

THC: 15.42% | Tested by: Trace Analytics

If you want to try something new and revel in satisfaction, my advice is to find the progeny of a strain you know you like. I like Super Silver Haze, so Daddy Fat Sacks’ Crater Lake was naturally my go-to. I’m glad Daddy Fat Sacks offers this little-known strain to our local retail shops because this is the kind of weed you reminisce about! The aroma has a pleasant, classic marijuana scent; the taste is earthy and sweet, but it is the effects I loved the most: energizing yet calming, perfect for stress relief.

  • Boosts motivation and mood

  • Relieves stress and anxiety

  • Energizing with a smooth transition into relaxation

Daddy Fat Sacks' Crater Lake
Daddy Fat Sacks’ Crater Lake

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