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CW Hemp: Charlotte’s Web Fields Forever

CW Hemp: Charlotte's Web Fields Forever 1

The History

After driving for a couple of hours past endless fields of Colorado corn, cattle farms and the occasional water tower, the sight of tall, luscious green plants put me at ease. If you aren’t familiar with CW Hemp, it is an organic whole plant hemp extract made from patented proprietary genetics. The infamous Stanley brothers created Charlotte’s Web with proprietary genetics, and have so graciously continued to breed and make their insanely effective oil which is available to anyone in the United States. I personally use and love the organic Mint Chocolate oil daily!

CW Hemp Greenhouse
CW Hemp Greenhouse

The Place

I was lucky enough to be given a tour through their greenhouses. These greenhouses house Charlotte’s Web mother plants and are home to continued seed production. I was blown away at the consistency throughout the greenhouse, there was more than enough space for these ladies to breathe, stretch and thrive under the beaming Colorado sun! Walking through the plants I felt the most uplifting energy fill my body as I knew what pure, true medicine I was surrounded by. As I left the greenhouse facility, I noticed a hallway in which there were large photos of children—all of which were young patients who experienced healing through Charlotte’s Web hemp extract. It left me speechless with only a smile on my face and a thought of how amazing these brothers and plant truly are.

CW Hemp Garden
CW Hemp Garden

The Plants

Traveling only a few minutes down the road, we pulled up to the much anticipated 20-acre farm filled with large, three week-into-flower CW plants. There was a beautifully serene feeling in the air as I started making my way to the outskirts of the field. I had brought a ladder with me and trekked a good 10 acres into the middle of these CW™ towering ladies before climbing up to the most incredible view I’ve ever experienced. I was not only surrounded by Colorado’s beauty and the view of mountains, but completely submerged in a beautiful field. The plants all seemed so content bending and blowing in the wind, enough room between each plant to walk and I couldn’t believe there were around 50,000 of them planted. Some of the Charlotte’s Web™ plants towered 10 feet above me and it was almost unimaginable to think they still have a few more weeks to grow. I cannot fathom what harvest must look like around here! I left with hope for our future knowing there are amazing people like the Stanley brothers and their crew growing and creating allnatural medicine.


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