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CONTINUING EDUCATION: School’s Not Out for the Cannabis Community

By: Andrea Larson

CONTINUING EDUCATION: School’s Not Out for the Cannabis Community

The days of No. 2 pencils and pink eraser tops feels like eons ago for many of us. The discussion surrounding continuing education plays an enormous role in most professional settings. Nurses, teachers, psychologists and construction managers, to name a few, are all well aware of the benefits of vocational and non-vocational education. In many of these institutions, it is even required.

Should professionals and those new to the cannabis community participate in similar programs? Is it time that our community placed importance on the educational services provided by experts in the cannabis industry? DOPE Magazine thinks so.

“Adult education has a role on the distribution of now only knowledge but also of social, cultural and economic power…[it] has a demonstrable effect on the economic and social life of workplace institutions.” according to Ronald M. Cervero, PhD. Cervero serves as a Professor and Associate Director for Remote Campus Education and has spent his life in the adult and continuing education sectors.

The cannabis community and those who are active participants can only benefit from the educational resources currently available to those in our community. As cannabis accelerates into mainstream discussions, we must ensure that we are at the forefront of the social, cultural and economic aspects of all things cannabis.

DOPE Magazine has partnered with The Trichome Institute and Max Montrose to offer those in the cannabis community a course designed around “the science of dissecting cannabis flower for total quality control and variety type designation.”

Washington residents interested in a continuing education course this Saturday, April 22 at the DOPE Offices, can visit our events page for more details.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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