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Close to the Flame: A Word with Waka Flocka

Compiled By: Meghan Ridley

His thoughts on Kanye West’s potential to become president:

Kanye can’t be our president. He too obnoxious. I fuck with Al Gore, hard.

On Canada:

See, weed is legal in Vancouver! Oh, shit! I forgot! They legalized weed throughout the whole Canada. I met the fucking new president! He like 29 years old! He cool as fuck! He said he coming to the next one of my shows—like, what?

A brief history lesson on Mary Jane:

Yaaaaa, bro! What weed was made for back in the day, the Indians wasn’t smoking weed, they was on DMT. See we think that it was weed, that’s how psychologically they made us think. Weed was a pain herb, so when you put into tea and drink it, it relaxes your body from a pain, that’s what they used it for, I just learned that.

His opinions on smoking weed:

Ol’ boy own Weedmaps, he tryna make me fuck with the weed shit, heavy. I’m coming out with OG Flocka strain. I love weed though, bro. The only thing I don’t like about the weed today, it’s not natural. I don’t want the spray on shit. I’m 29, I been smoking weed since I was ten years old, no exaggeration. I have seen the faces of weed.

His take on Bernie Sanders:

The Bernster? He fucking with the weed, that’s about it.

His thoughts on the EDM music scene:

Once I learned about EDM, I was like, “Ohh, this is the only time white people party and act wild with the cameras around.” Europe put me on, Benji made me believe it in. I never believed in the shit ’cause I was like, “What the fuck this is?” I was in Europe and people were happy as shit! I started posting rave photos and people were like, “What the fuck? When did Waka Flocka get a huge white fanbase?” The thing is, it’s always been there. It’s just, me being where I am from and the kind of music I produce, we can’t attack those markets because we don’t know what club y’all party at? EDM embraced me and I embraced it. At the end of the day, I am more open-minded now and I got tired of doing rap, rap, rap, rap. That shit just got boring, bro. Like, “I’m sick of this.”

Waka’s Beauty Tips:

You ever take a bath with peppermint soap?! Ohhhh, ya’ll trippin! I swear to God! That’s the best sleeping beauty soap ever! You ever want to sleep right from a working day? Get that peppermint soap! It’s killer, bro! They have all natural ingredients.

On the system of power:

They just found a way to stop us from knowing. They just use they power to control. It’s about who markets it the best. Everybody was slaves in life. That’s called a job. But some can be evil in doing their shit. Like you work at Burger King, for instance, you got a fucked up manager or you got a cool manager who lets you eat the fries while you working: it’s all about who is in control. Evil, good, evil, good. Just like weed. Some muthafuckas dip their shit when I was in the hood. People would spray their weed with roach killing spray because it would hit harder, but the chemicals in that roach spray would fuck your organs up – damage your kidneys, damage your liver, but that shit hit harder, and people wanted to buy it. That’s just how it goes, like people selling crystal meth, the people buying, they think it’s Molly, but it’s really meth. It’s sick out here. It’s crazy.


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