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Cannacology is open, and not just for business. The West Hollywood dispensary is a thriving hub of activity for the many patients who walk there and appreciate being greeted by name.

Located inside a bright, sunlit space on Santa Monica Blvd., Cannacology’s spacious room is the size of a modest art gallery. It’s a far cry from Saul Goodman’s cluttered office in the back of a nail salon, or some illicit porn shop straight out of “Blade Runner”. They focus on the customer experience, especially for new patients, and their reputation is strong enough that they’re one of the few dispensaries in L.A. to get referrals from doctors at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

As Mark Reitman, the affable, host-like manager explains, “Real mainstream doctors aren’t likely to send grandma into a bunker-like hole in the wall for her first time looking for alternative help.” The flow of patients from the hospital consists mostly of oncology patients. Cannacology has an entire wall case dedicated to the specific needs of patients with cancer and other serious ailments, including tinctures, edibles and CBD-rich cannabis therapies. The dispensary also runs an HIV outreach program, supplying medicine for free to needy patients who have tested positive.

For the grizzled cannabis veteran and customers with more common needs, Cannacology offers up some great long-standing in-house strains, notably their Thai Haze OG and Triple X. Two very popular edible brands, Delectable Edibles and Chocolate Factory, were created by former employees of the club and are virtually exclusive to Cannacology. With a huge selection, affordable prices and a welcoming, healthy vibe, Cannacology is easily one of the nicest and most inclusive shops in Los Angeles.


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