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Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley

Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley

Far from the hustle and bustle of the University, the Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley – “CBCB” to the locals – has operated for close to 20 years. Easy to find in the densely populated neighborhood by its aquatic-themed mural outside, they offer much welcomed patient parking and a spacious dispensing area. An open setting with hardwood floors, there’s free coffee and fruit, and a few tables that welcome guests to sit and chill.

New to cannabis? CBCB has you covered. A separate patient consult area exists away from the line, where new customers receive as much time as they need to discuss details and acquire samples. Follow up emails track treatment progress.

I learned about micro-dosing, which is a method of using cannabis in very small doses – usually under 10mg – to experience the therapeutic benefits without psychoactivity. Their menu features many products suitable for micro-dosing that includes Stokes Mints and KIVA Blueberry Terra Bites with 5mg each, and Jolly Lolly lozenges at 15mg per dose. There’s over thirty varieties of flower and every comprehendible edible at CBCB. An entire apothecary of caps, tablets, patches, tinctures, and mineral baths also graces their shelves.

CBCB has a reputation for compassion and generosity in the local community. In addition to food and clothing drives, CBCB supports the cannabis community in cooperation with Americans for Safe Access, NORML, and Students for a Sensible Drug Policy. CBCB members send commissary funds to cannabis prisoners, and write them letters of support and encouragement.

I’ll be sure to visit CBCB again the next time I’m in Berkeley and this is why we all should. Supporting those that support others is just the right thing to do. They offer discounts for seniors, veterans, students, and teachers. Along with a free eighth of medicine per week for patients with low income, CBCB provides free medicine for people with chronic conditions in the form they need most, be that oil, flower, edible, or topical, so supporting them supports the healing of others.

3033 Shattuck Ave,
Berkeley, CA
9am to 9pm
7 days a week


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