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CANAMELS: Where Cannabis and Caramel Collide

By: Melissa Joy

CANAMELS: Where Cannabis and Caramel Collide 1

THC: 10mg per square | Agricor Laboratories

I wouldn’t expect anything less than extraordinary to come out of the kitchens at Craft710. These savory, buttery bites of caramel goodness are infused with Craft’s own homemade distillate, and deliver the perfect dosage of 10mg THC per square.

Not gonna lie, they’re almost too tasty to share. Not only are they made with some of the purest raw distillate available in Colorado, they’re also sweetened with premium local honey from Clark’s Honey Farm in Longmont! Seriously though, good luck stopping after eating just one! Your senses will be hit by the perfect storm of sweet and salty the second these delectable caramels hit your mouth.

  • Craft uses a hybrid distillate for their Canamels.
  • Sweetened with Clark’s premium “Wildflower” flavored honey.
  • Process Certified!

Available at:

The Herbal Cure

985 S Logan St

Denver, CO 80209

Pig ‘N’ Whistle

4801 W Colfax Ave

Denver, CO 80204

Available at all Livewell locations


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