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The Place

The BudHut has two stellar locations, both composed of equally professional atmospheres and amazing selections of cannabis. As manager Kristy is quick to note, “We’re not your average pot shop.” Their Camano Island location is 1700sq feet of welcoming atmosphere, while the Everett location is a sprawling 4,000 square feet of high-class showroom. Both feature jewelry cases and room to browse–literally a dream come true for those with a strong respect and appreciation of cannabis. As Kirsty further elaborated, “We strive to make every customer happy and if there’s a product we don’t carry, we want to know so we can meet their needs. That’s what we’re here for.”

The People

The individuals at both of the BudHut locations are undoubtedly well-educated industry professionals. They bring a passionate vibe alongside a respectful level of know-how that leaves BudHut customers confident that their cannabis needs and questions are in good hands. If you visit either locations–and we highly recommend that you do–you’ll likely notice a broad range of customer demographics. The Camano Island location might be slightly older and Everett a bit more youthful, but they’re all a testament to the far-reaching relationships of people with the plant. Indeed, anyone and everyone (over the age of 21 that is) is welcome within the walls of the BudHut.

The Plants

The BudHut works with over fourty different producers and processors, which ensures they have strong relationships with a wide variety of vendors in Washington state. Some of the bigger sellers are companies such as Fireline, Elevate and Bad Ass Grass, but rest assured, whatever cannabis you’re looking for you’ll likely find it at the BudHut. Regular availability of products is a staple of their game, so there’s no worry of wondering if they’ll have what you’re looking for in-stock. If edibles are your go-to, make sure to check out their wide selection of products from Zoots and NW Cannabis, as their shelves are stocked to the brim of these fine cannabis infused treats.

1137 State Route 532

Camano Island, WA


11603 Highway 99

Everett, WA


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