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BASA NOVA: A Melodic Pick Me Up

BASA NOVA: A Melodic Pick Me Up 1

THC: 16.85% | CBD: 0.07% | SC Labs

Upon first taste, BASA Nova filled my palette with smoky spice and was chased by a smooth molasses glaze, like a tumbler of mezcal. Nova is nostalgically herbaceous and smokes like an entirely herbal spliff. Songlike, Nova’s lyrical fusion of aromatic earthy terpenes and sweet sugary notes radiate worldly charm and natural flare. After a few bong hits of Nova, I was cleaning out cabinets and getting ahead on my spring cleaning. Nova effects are awakening, confidence boosting and will enhance your ability to enjoy strenuous or mundane activities.

BASA Nova seeds were developed in Mendocino in the 1980s. The tropical Afghani was specially bred for high resin. BASA’s farmer received the seeds 25 years ago and exact genetics have been lost—making Nova a highly exclusive Mendocino heritage strain. This sun-grown bouquet is cultivated by San Francisco dispensary BASA Collective’s farm, with standards exceeding organic expectations. Nova is BASA’s most popular strain!


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