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Baklava Cookie Bar Bites: A Delectably Medicated Take on Turkey’s Most Famous Dessert

Baklava Cookie Bar Bites: A Delectably Medicated Take on Turkey's Most Famous Dessert 1

Baklava Cookie Bar Bites

Test Results: 10mg THC per bite

I’ve never been particularly fond of Baklava, but after trying these amazing Baklava Cookie Bites from Love’s Oven, I’ve decided to reconsider my stance on this world famous treat. Rich, gooey and nutty, these cookie bites are the perfect way to medicate and satiate a sweet tooth. Coming in at 10mg of THC per bite, each one is individually wrapped for optimum consumption convenience. Between the decadent chocolate and the buttery cookie crust on the bottom of each bite, these are an absolute must-try for any sophisticated edible enthusiast. I enjoyed having a handful in my purse for on-the-go medication, as well as a few in the refrigerator to enjoy cold!


Whether you are or aren’t a fan of the Turkish dessert, Baklava, you have to try these incredible Baklava Cookie Bar Bites from Love’s Oven for yourself! The perfect balance of chocolate and nuttiness, these little medicated concoctions will win you over at first bite.


  • Perfect buttery balance, not too sweet!
  • Designed to be enjoyed with friends!
  • Consuming 2-3 at a time makes for a really fun, goofy high.

dsc_0201Baklava Cookie Bar Bites


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