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BAKED BROS MANGO THC SYRUP: Dedication to Medication

By: Jesse Perry

BAKED BROS MANGO THC SYRUP: Dedication to Medication

You won’t need a spoon full of sugar to help this medicine go down. The Pourable THC Syrup from Baked Bros is designed to mimic western medicine methods, while still being versatile and having a great flavor.

The mango mixed nicely with some club soda, allowing me to savor the full flavor of this artisanal crafted syrup, made from solvent-free distillate oil. The sweet, creamy, tropical flavor whisked me away to a beach halfway around the world. In about 30 minutes, I was beginning to feel it.

My muscles began to relax, and my fingers and toes tingled a little as it crept in behind my eyes, leaving me with a pure sensation of euphoria without feeling foggy. The effects lasted hours and hours after my first dose. Although I felt a heavy sense of relaxation, I was also motivated to be active and accomplish the rest of my day.

This syrup is an excellent addition to my medication regiment, and I expect I will be using this product a great deal in the future.

  • Fast-acting
  • Easy to mix
  • Long-lasting

Available at:

Tru Med

1613 N 40th st

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Urban Green House

2630 W Indian School rd

Phoenix, AZ 85017


2 N 35th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85009


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