Scott Pearse
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Scott Pearse completed the DOPE bicycle tour in late 2017, cycling his way from Seattle to Los Angeles exploring cannabis culture, visiting farms, experiencing farm-to-table cannabis infused cuisine, and visiting every dispensary that crossed his path. Now that he isn't cycling 50-miles a day, he writes about progressive issues for DOPE Magazine from rural Australia.

Buds Not Drugs

I’m hanging out in the grow room at SC Veterans Alliance. The crop is vegetating under the glow of the yellow lamps. The room is filled with the heavy indica strain Kosher Kush. Director Jason Sweatt …

WoahStork Delivers The Goods

WoahStork logo With the proliferation of strains with specific effects and various modes of ingestion, choosing the right medicine can be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something, like…

As a lifestyle publication, DOPE Magazine is dedicated to creating purposeful, relevant conversations. When we printed our inaugural issue in 2011 we positioned ourselves in the cannabis arena as a team of professionals determined to normalize the plant. While cannabis remains the central theme of our brand, 2017 has marked a turning point in our progression. We’ve built a steadfast framework of inclusivity when speaking about gender, race, class, politics, family and culture—with the ethos DEFEND.