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Animal Cookies OG: Bring These Cookies to a Campfire

Animal Cookies OG: Bring These Cookies to a Campfire 1


Test Results: THC: 21.33% | CBD: 0.79%

Tested by: Desert Valley Testing

Animal Cookies OG is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, two highly sought after strains known for their intense effects. Crafted to impress the veteran consumer, this strain is not for the weak of heart, nor for the beginner.

My first impression of this strain was pure glee. The golf ball-sized buds looked like a scoop of rainbow sherbet. Rich tones of deep green, marbled with lime and purple, encrusted in brilliant orange hairs—the buds were on fire. It was as if this strain was just as eager to get smoked, as I was to do the smoking.

Although it hit me hard at first and stuck me to the couch, I was giggling before long and able to get up and move around. My shoulder and ankle pain had faded into the background as this strain creeped its way through my body and found its home in the top of my head. Not going to lie, got the stares a few times, but just like my favorite box of cookies, I couldn’t put this strain down.


  • Engulfing high leaving you relaxed and giggly

  • Couch-locking at first, but jumpstarting soon after

  • Full flavors will grab your senses

Animal Cookies OG Bud
Animal Cookies OG Bud

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