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Ambary Gardens: Athletic CBD Salve

By: Melissa Joy

Ambary Gardens: Athletic CBD Salve 1

I’m a firm believer in healing through the use of Natural Remedies. This Athletic CBD Salve from Ambary Gardens is a must have product this winter for travelers, athletes and those sore from the perils of the daily grind. To test this theory, I visited with some grower friends who were experiencing some sharp pain in their shoulders and lower back. After applying a small amount, both individuals felt pain melt away almost instantly. Ambary Garden’s focus is bridging the gap between conventional medicine and cannabis professionals, and this product represents the best of both worlds.


Ingredients: Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Argan Oil,

Jojoba Oil, Calendula, Arnica

Essential Oils: Nutmeg, Clove, Orange, Peppermint

This 2-oz Topical Salve includes 125mg of hemp extracted CBD

Provides a warm soothing feeling to the area applied


Creamy and airy in texture, a small amount goes a long way.

On-the-go relief

Athletic CBD Salve from Ambary Gardens

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