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Alchemy by EVOLAB

Alchemy by EVOLAB 1

Alchemy by EVOLAB

All the flavor and effects of your favorite strain

Tested By: TEQ Analytical

Test Results: 90.75% Total Cannabinoids | THC: 425mg per 0.5g

Welcome to the point where science and cannabis collide, where the products that once seemed like a distant dream are at the tips of your fingers. The mad scientists over at EVOLAB have recently concocted Alchemy, a pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil that will blow the mind of even the most experienced concentrate enthusiast. This particular Alchemy batch was made with Natural Remedies’​​ Banana Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid with next-level terpene quality. While the genetics of the plant provide unbeatable physical relaxation, you will still notice a mild sativa buzz that allows you to operate socially and creatively. Alchemy’s total potential cannabinoids test at just over 90 percent, and each half gram refill syringe contains 425mg of THC! These kind of ratios plus full-spectrum cannabis derived terpenesare definitely intended for the more discerning cannabis enthusiast. You can purchase Alchemy in a refill syringe or in cartridge form for convenient “on the go” dabbing.

Alchemy by EVOLAB

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