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Afgooey #1

Afgooey #1 1

Afgooey #1

The ‘H’ is silent…

Test Results: THC% 24.12 | CBD% 0.53 Tested by: DESERT VALLEY TESTING

Indica/Stavia: Indica

Afgooey #1 is a straight indica and is not to be confused with its hybrid cousin, Afghooey, where the ‘H’ stands for Hybrid. Originally descended from Afghani Indica and crossed with Maui Haze, this strain is a hard-hitting favorite among connoisseurs.

The buds themselves are long and triangular with a heavy density. The beautiful dark green and rich orange hairs are layered with heavily encrusted resin. Catching a few crystals here and there, the bud glitters under the light like magic.

This pungent strain is known for its deep, earthy notes, but I can smell a little sweet and sour creeping through from its Maui Haze lineage.  Although the buds were dense, they broke down easily, but left my fingers sticky. I would recommend a grinder for this strain for sure. Its rich piney flavor mixed with a mild sweetness made for a unique profile, much like a rich, sweet black tea.

Afgooey #1 from Swell

The first hit was aggressive to say the least, so I adjusted my style and sipped on it for a bit. This made it easier to control my wind down after a long day and like a true indica, Afgooey was a creeper that stuck me to the couch. Let’s just say, I’m glad I went slow to start. This a great strain for night time, nap time, or whenever you simply need to relax. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be seeing this strain in my rotation a lot more often.


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