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A Couple Questions with Snoop Dogg

A Couple Questions with Snoop Dogg 1

The world of weed is expanding exponentially, and scientists, government officials, big business and celebrities are all jumping on board to take this industry to the next level. In the fury of this growth it’s important to honor the O.G.s that have been fighting the good fight on the front lines for the last thirty plus years. Snoop aka Snoop Dog, Snoop Lion, DJ Spoopadelic, etc. etc. etc. is one of the activist celebrities that has inspired the masses to stand up for their rights. Last Thursday at a private party in Sacramento for Cannabiz Consulting, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to talk with Snoop about our industry.

For over two decades Snoop has been telling it like it is, spreading the word of cannabis as a medicine, its use as a human right, and its ability to open minds and hearts to connect people and communities. Snoop’s lyrics have pushed the spirit of movement forward day after day, song after song. As science and law start catching up, Snoop is “doing what he has been doing.”

Snoop Dogg

Moving from entertainer to businessman has been a natural progression for Snoop, as many people in the rap game started out as entrepreneurs in the first place. Now that laws are changing in a positive way, cannabis business can rise. Snoop has recently launched his line of cannabis products, “Leafs by Snoop” through his herb-focused VC fund Casa Verde, and his online platform Merry Jane. Let me just point out who wouldn’t want to smoke some of Snoop’s herb?

When I asked Snoop what we can do as an industry to help out, he asked that the businesses, the lawyers, and those making money in the industry step up and call for justice stating,

“The lawyers and those fighting the law, those that are with us, should really stand up…we don’t know how to speak that language, that’s not a fight that we can win… the lawyers speak that language, language of the judicial, of the law.”

He talked about how many people are in jail or have records for doing what others are now looked up to as great business minds for doing. “What I want to speak on is all the people that have been incarcerated; they should release some of the inmates that have been wrongfully arrested for marijuana crimes, since it is legal.” I agree, we can’t leave behind those that have been the most negatively affected by prohibition. As the movement becomes an industry we must use our resources and connections to help others. Love and respect is what the herb teaches us. We must listen and act on her inspiration if we are to honor her.

As an activist for the last decade I have seen huge changes on the local and state levels as this movement has become an industry. I have seen City Council members that used to call in the Feds to raid dispensaries now working as consultants for the industry. I have seen Assembly members that used to dodge me in the halls of the Capital, now publicly proclaim that I run a business that is an asset to the community. I have been privileged with a great opportunity to create influential relationships with government officials over the years. Talking with Snoop, I was inspired to keep on keeping on, encouraged to speak up for those that are too sick or too scared to speak up for themselves. I feel the same enthusiasm Snoop felt as he proclaimed, “I’ve been saying that for many years, now they are starting to realize and recognize.” I am honored to be on the same team, in the same industry as such an incredible person. His parting words, “It starts here and trickles down, let’s make this happen, let’s make a change.” I’m looking forward to the future!


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