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By: Shontelle Reyna


Ah who are we kidding. Trying 20 new things in one day is close to impossible especially while medicated in true 420 fashion. Sticking with the numerical celebration of our beloved flower here are four things to try on 420.

Channel Your Inner Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, arguably one of the greatest dramatists of all time is believed to have been a toker. Cannabis was found in clay pipes in his home and on his property. Shakespeare also mentions “noted weed” and “a journey in his head,” in two different sonnets which many have speculated were about our beloved flower. Cannabis is known to create a relaxed, creative mindset so why not follow dear ol’ William’s lead and try your hand at writing your own Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet or Midsummer Night’s Dream. Write a screenplay, write a poem, write a recipe for when the munchies kick in.

Dali WHO?

For some, cannabis has been the driving factor in enhancing parts of the brain known for generating creative thoughts and actions. Take a cue from the man who said, “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” Salvador Dali’s eccentric surrealist works like, “Skull with Its Lyric Appendage Leaning on a Night Table which Should Have the Exact Temperature of a Cardinal’s Nest” are some of the most amazing things to come out of the twentieth century. Also the most peculiar—which is why Dali is known and adored by so many. Sit down, get lit, find some inspiration and get your hands dirty.

As comedian Bill Hicks once put it:

“Drugs have done good things for us, and if you don’t believe they have, do me a favor.  Take all your albums, tapes and CDs and burn ‘em.  Because you know what?  The musicians who made that great music that has enhanced your lives throughout the years–reeeaal fucking high”

Fly High…

Then JUMP. If you’re more of a sativa lover then something like this might be your jam. The thrill of the freefall is indescribable and being able to accomplish the childhood dream of being able to fly, incomparable.  Fly through the sky and marvel in the scenery below you. Feel the wind on your face and spread your wings. If jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft makes you cringe, then maybe get high while flying high on a hot air balloon. No jumping required, just a new calm experience that has the view of skydiving without the anxiety of jumping

Dispensary Tour

Even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur can learn something new and experience something fresh to their immediate cannabis community by trying one of these and what a better time than 420. These vary in price and depth with the most impressive providing free luxury transportation and cannabis for whatever activity you choose. Ranging from “Sushi Saki and Joint Rolling Classes,” to “Cooking with Cannabis” and of course the “Grow and Dispensary Tour.” If these aren’t available if your home state just yet, plan a tour all your own or hit up a local growers about a tour. Get to know your cannabis community better and contribute to the success of your local canna-businesses this 420.


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